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Website not operating 100%
My website and especially the image/video content seems to work best/only on safari.
My First Crowdfunding!
A new project that brings together documentary, animation and installation needs your help. Read all about it on this page and perhaps become a Setola-owner in the process? Voordekunst.nl
Now Showing: "Maaskant getekend" Kunsthal Rotterdam
me and 9 other artists' interpretations of famous Maaskant buildings around Rotterdam are on show at the Kunsthal untill the 2nd of December. here's the link:Kunsthal
"Retreat" published in "Imagine architecture" by Gestalten Verlag
Retreat (I know I can't win) from 2013 has been published in the art and architecture book "Imagine Architecture". Copies can be bought here
Mini publication of "The Big Sleep" in Tortuca magazine for art and literature out now

Tortuca is a magazine in book form that focuses on art and literature. This month's edition hosts a mini publication centered around my drawings from the Big Sleep series. Grab a copy of Tortuca or Visit my uocoming solos show at Mirta Demare to get a copy.


Still available: "Sandro Setola Drawings" The Book!
My book: "Sandro Setola Drawings" is now available! This full colour, 68 pages, hardcover book gives you an insight in mainly my drawings and some related works from about 2004 up to now with texts by myself and Alex de Vries. It is available in many places where my work was featured these past years like Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Museum Beelden aan Zee and Schunck*. NRC has dedicated a lengthy review of the book which can be downloaded here. A preliminary review of the book in loewak can be found here and check this video for a small preview of the book. On top of that Gijsbert van der Wal interviewed me about the subject of the book's content for his radio program"de avonden". This interview in my studio can be found here. If you would like to buy the book, resell it or generate attention to it in any way please feel free to send me an email.
Brochure of Exhibition at Museum Beelden aan Zee now available as pdf
Because the original printed brochure about my work that was made to accompany my show at Museum Beelden aan Zee has been sold out I have transferred the files to a downloadable and printable pdf, to be found here.
full version of "The Cold" and some other movies now available on Youtube
yes indeed webspace-expansion has set in and I am glad to inform you that the full version of 2004's "The Cold" can now be watched (in two segments) on my very own youtube channel! Also some old artschool films can be found there. have fun!
"Aan dit Probleem wordt gewerkt"

Check out my proposal for Breda Noord at Breda's Central Station. Made in collaboration with Erno Langenberg. With lots of thanks to lokaal 01 and BN de Stem and Via Breda.

Update: after nearly 3/4 years The works have been removed by unknown people.. if anyone knows who, please let me know..